5 Tips to Make Your Blog A Search Engine Friendly Blog

Google, Bing and Yahoo are example of major search engines that user used to search for their needs. For blog owners, making a blog that search engine friendly is very important. This is to improve chances to get a higher PR(Page Rank) which can lead to more user or reader to visit their site.

In this article, RevoBlogr will share with you 5 tips to make your blog a search engine friendly blog.

1. Use a Good Permalinks

Permalinks are very important as it can be used to improve SEO. An important keyword that is used in your blog title permalinks can be used by search engine to index your blog post.

When users search for something, search engine will index your blog post title, content and your permalinks also. By using the important keywords in your permalink, the user tends to visit your blog more as it looks more relevant to their search.

2. Use Robots.txt Files

Create a Robots.txt files for your blog or if you already have one at the root directory of your blog. The functions of this files to instructs search engine on how do they crawl your blog.  Robots.txt contains multiple command for blog owner to used to define which directories are not allowed to crawled by search engines.With this, blog owners can direct search engines to the blog content directly and avoid duplicate content crawled.

3. Make Good Use of Semantic Headings

There a six heading tags ranging from <h1> to <h6>. this heading also very important for blog SEO as it define the different titles on a page or post to a search engine when they indexing your blog.

Use different headings in your blog according to their size. For example, use <h1> in your blog title or post, then <h2>  in your blog topics and <h3> in your sub-topics.

4. Create A SEO-Friendly Slugs

In your WordPress post editor,you can choose to modify your blog post slugs to make more search engine friendly. By default, WordPress will use your post title and make it your blog post post slugs.

Modifying your slugs shorter but more with important keywords can help your blog when search engine is indexing your blog. For example, you can change /how-to-make-my-wordpress-blog-a-search-engine-friendly-blog/ to /wordpress-seo-tips/.

5. Make Your Blog or Post Go Viral

Share your article to other site or encourage your reader to do it for you. Include social sharing button in your every post to make it easy for your reader to share important information to others. This will help your blog to get more backlinks which can help your blog to get a higher PR.

This 5 easy steps are useful to make your blog a more search engine friendly. If you have more tips, please share your thoughts with us and other reader by using the comment box below.


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5 thoughts on “5 Tips to Make Your Blog A Search Engine Friendly Blog

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  2. sunemoonsong February 6, 2013 at 11:34 PM Reply

    I am not really sure what most of the terms are that you used. Seo, slugs, etc. I am on wordpress (the actual site) and i don’t know how to get to my root directory, or once I have a robot file how i would program it do to anything. This is a well intentioned article but for those casual bloggers, it could be more informative

    • revoblogr February 7, 2013 at 12:20 AM Reply

      SEO are search engine optimization. It is used to optimize search engine indexing of your blog. To get your blog a higher page rank in Google,Bing,Yahoo etc. Slugs are the last part of your URL blog post title. For example /chicken-or-the-egg/ is the slugs for your blog title Chicken or The Egg. RevoBlogr will make a blog post tutorial soon on how to create a robots.txt files and use it. Stay tune.

      • sunemoonsong February 7, 2013 at 12:23 AM Reply

        Thanks for the info, this could help me out a lot. There are a lot of things I don’t know about wordpress, and apparently a lot of restrictions I didn’t know about when I signed up.

        • revoblogr February 7, 2013 at 12:28 AM Reply

          Ur welcome. You can follow our blog for the latest updates.

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